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Steph Warden



Bachelors of Exercise Science and Nutrition - University of Alberta

Doctorate of Optometry - Pacific University Oregon

Meet Coach Steph - IFBB Bikini Pro based out of Boise, Idaho!

I have been competing for 6 years and love what bodybuilding and fitness has brought to my life. People often think fitness is only a physical change. I believe fitness has impacted me positively mentally, emotionally and physically. For me, fitness and nutrition is about finding activities and foods you enjoy that help you reach your OVERALL goals (not just a PR in the gym). This includes spending more quality time with loved ones, more active family activities, feeling better about your body, not constantly being food focused or confused about what to eat etc. 

I focus on making sure fitness fits YOUR lifestyle. It should add to your life and not be a chore or something you dread doing. Achieving balance is key but it looks different for everyone. I can help you find your balance. I balanced my fitness goals as a full time graduate student as well as currently with a full time career. I believe everyone can benefit from proper nutrition and consistent exercise and I am here to help you figure out HOW. I have made tons of mistakes along the way and my goal is to help you avoid making similar mistakes but also to help you grow through the setbacks life throws your way. Having someone to be accountable to is so important for beginners as well as more advanced athletes. I pride myself on being available as a coach for all my clients needs whether that be a quick pep talk, an exercise that doesn't make sense or uncovering why you keep running into a certain roadblock. Through customized training and nutrition we will  achieve your fitness goals and more! Your environment impacts your progress and I am confident that adding me to your team would have a positive impact not only physically but mentally as well!

I will help you gain confidence, live freely and be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. I am authentic, personable and real. Set up a quick 1:1 consultation call and let's WORK! 

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