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Lizzy Smith


Hey y’all! My name is Lizzy Smith, and I am a Lifestyle Coach here at Jenna's Bodyshop!


All throughout my life I have always been dedicated to being physically active whether that be with a sport or simply enjoying nature. It wasn’t till recently that I approached fitness with a new perspective and truthfully, I’m so grateful that I see fitness through the lens I do now. I struggled significantly with my body image because I was continually made fun of all throughout my life. Comments such as whale, fat girl, and chick with the flappy legs were only the start. It was ingrained in my brain to think such negative thoughts about myself and I never thought it was something I could change. I was in a dark place, feeling alone, and lost (I’m sure many of you reading this have felt a similar way before). I hit a point where I committed to stop making excuses for my negative thoughts, actions, and habits. A point of breakthrough.


Flash forward a year and a half, I’m now pursuing a career in fitness because of the impact it made on my life. I want to share what I have experienced in fitness with YOU because you know what? Someone, aka Jenna, shared her experience with me and inspired me every single day after. It was because I chose to be vulnerable with her that I am where I am today. The awesome thing about being vulnerable with someone, especially your coach, is that you grow. You become who you WANT to be vs you THINK you could be. I want to help you be the best version of you that you want to create and I’m positive we can do it together! 


In addition to coaching, I’m currently a certified special education teacher working with young adults ages 18 to 21. You might be thinking, “Well, no duh you want to be a coach.. you basically mentor young adults on a day-to-day basis!” Guess what? You’re 100% correct. I absolutely love inspiring and encouraging others, but most of all, I love being the cheerleader that many people do not have in their lives. Sometimes it just takes one person to keep pushing you forward and you finally start to realize the world is your oyster! On the daily, I practice what I preach because I understand the commitment and strength it takes to retrain your mind of habits you’ve been performing for years on end. It’s not easy and I recognize that full heartedly, but it’s possible- just like anything! My one question for you is are you ready to be comfortable in the uncomfortable with me right by your side? I’ll answer that for you, YES! You are ready to be the best you- emotionally, mentally, and physically! Let’s do this journey together.

Certified Nutrition Consultant - National Academy of Metabolic Science
B.A. Dual Elementary Education/Special Education - Boise State University

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