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Jenna Conroy


Certified Physique Sport and Transformation Coach

National Academy of Metabolic Science
Certified Nutrition Consultant - National Academy of Metabolic Science
Certified Nutrition Consultant - National Academy of Sports Medicine
Bachelors in Business Administration - Pacific University Oregon

Hi :) I'm Jenna! Your Head Prep Coach and founder of Jenna's Bodyshop!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for health and fitness. I grew up as an athlete, and I enjoyed the discipline of training hard and working toward a goal. But until I got into bodybuilding, I didn't have the knowledge or discipline to achieve the physique I always dreamed of. I used to blame my "bad" genetics as being a barrier to achieve my goals, thinking they were not possible for me. For YEARS, I was a "yo-yo" dieter, living within the restrict/binge/start over again cycle. I craved sustainable progress and results.

Since 2017, I have now competed in 7 regional NPC bikini shows, and 6 National level shows. I have won two Overall Championship titles as well as multiple Top 10 National placements, but the work is never over. My goal is to continue to grow through this sport until I achieve an IFBB Pro Bikini title. 

But this is so much more than a sport or any title. Fitness has transformed me- mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I’m proud of my journey, because it’s part of what makes me, well, ME.

Through bodybuilding, I have gained a confidence within myself that has facilitated the achievement of goals I previously would have never even imagined. The more I learn and grow, the more inspired I am to continue making improvements and expanding my knowledge.

Now, my dream is to share what I have learned with other men and women around the world who may be experiencing similar struggles on their own fitness journeys. We all have different goals and different ideas of what "success" may look like. My mission is to design a fitness program that is customized to YOUR preferences and unique lifestyle to help you become the best version of YOU. 

My journey has no finish line. I will keep working to better myself in hopes to inspire as many people as I can to create the life of their dreams, as their most empowered, confident self.   

"Whatever your make or model, make it last a lifetime."

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