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UXO Supplements

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

There are THOUSANDS of supplement companies out there, and honestly way too many products to choose from. The market is saturated with high stimulant products that deliver little to no added value other than increasing your energy to sometimes harmful levels. That being said, I do believe that proper supplementation is beneficial to your overall performance and recovery as an athlete.

I am proud to represent UXO Supplements as one of their ambassadors and promoters of their brand. UXO supplements are clean, pure supplements-without all the artificial fillers, dyes, and sweeteners. They taste delicious, and they have significantly improved my training and overall internal health as an athlete. UXO ensures that all ingredients are researched, safe, and effective to use. You can trust that each ingredient is clinically dosed, not hidden behind a proprietary blend, and manufactured in the highest quality labs to meet the Gold Standard.

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